Scenic Design Response

"Parker is a successful screenwriter who begins rethinking her decisions and wondering if she is truly satisfied with the direction her own story is headed. When she reconnects with Robin, a friend from the past, she realizes that there no easy way to rewrite her life in the way she desperately wants to."

-From the Theatre UCF website

At Theatre UCF As It's Written was performed as a live streamed Zoom reading as part of the Pegasus Playlab series. The Pegasus Playlab was created to support new writers and new works. Designers were assigned to the shows to assist in helping the playwright and the audience better understand how the play comes together with all the departments collaborating.

The following is the video I put together for the scenic response portion.

As It's Written- Scenic Response.mp4

Creative Team

Playwright: Caroline Hull

Director: Vivian Majkowski

Stage Manager: Victoria Torres

Assistant Stage Manager: Rami Amm

Dramaturg: Reme Elias

Scenic Design Response by: Syd Deines

Sound Design Response by: Erica Fox

Lighting Design Response by: Stevie Bleich

Costume Design Response by: Katherine Polgar