Theoretical Costume Design

Euripides's Medea was my final project for my Costume Design class in the Fall of 2021. There were no stipulations on budget or concept, as long as we were able to justify our concept from the text of the play. We were also challenged to use a digital art form for our renderings. I chose Adobe Photoshop.

For my concept I wanted to do a high-fashion fairytale, gaining inspiration from recent runway shows and also different forms of media that are of the fantasy or fairytale genre. I chose this as my framing concept for Medea because I wanted to lure the audience into a false sense of security so that at the end when Medea murders her children and Jason's wife, the audience would be shocked and really feel the weight of what she has done, even if they are familiar with the story. I chose to have the chorus be visually similar to Medea because I wanted to express this idea that it not only does it take a village to raise a child, but also there is a responsibility society has to children to rescue them from dangerous situations. Therefore the chorus, who knows what Medea will do to her children and doesn't stop her, is equally culpable.