Props Manager

An actor carefully balances on one leg. A ceramic bottle tied to a string hangs from his shoulder.
Closeup of an actor holding a ceramic bottle tied to a rope.
Several actors stand in a field. Each of them holds a different prop: a vine, a wine skein, and two silver goblets. Photographer Tony Firrolo
Two actors bind a third actor with a long rope.

"Full of raucous energy typical of Commedia dell’arte, this colorful play involves a plot by the roguish clown Scaramouch to have Bacchus, the Greek god himself, star in his latest theatrical piece. Meanwhile, Silenus schemes to interfere with Scaramouch and the would-be lovers, Ione and Sarmion. Performed outdoors resembling Commedia’s 17th century origins."

-From the Theatre UCF website

An actor wears a botswain whistle on a chain around his neck.

The main challenge for props was making, buying, or retouching objects to look appropriate for the time period.

An assortment of 5 ceramic bottles of different sizes. Each has been painted to look stained and aged.
Two bottles sit next to eachother. The one on the left has been painted to look aged while the one on the right is brand new.

Creative Team

Director: Christopher Niess

Conductor: Nora Lee Garcia

Stage Manager: Lauren Koval

Costume Designer: Dan Jones

Assistant Costume Designers: Leyandra Cordoza and Zach Cerino

Scenic Designer: Bert Scott

Assistant Scenic Designer: Kassandra Cardenas

Sound Designer: APAV Solutions

Vocal/Textual Coach: Vivian Majkowski