Scenic Painting

I was the Scenic Designer for Bright Star, however I also worked in the paint shop with Scenic Charge, Leslie Macmillan. The sunburst is an example of a project that I completed on my own. The pieces needed to be painted and hung same day because of the carpentry schedule. In total, the whole burst took me just over 3 hours.

The lamp posts were another Bright Star project that I undetook, this time under the supervision of props artisan, Sonya Smith-Tembe. The lamposts were on stage for most of the show so they had to be versatile to be used in every scene. These took me about an hour and a half.

Here are two props that were built of wood that needed to look like wood. To save time and paint, I diluted our scenic paint to stain the wood and enhance the natural wood grain. 

Both props shown here were designed by Props Manager, Matthew Conte.

This project for scenic design class was meant to demonstrate several different techniques and textures. Here you can see fabric, marble, brick, wood grain/plank, and stone. This project took about 16 hours to complete in total. Below are the progress photos taken at the end of each 4 hour class.

This piece of scenic painting is meant to mimic a billboard seen in the first Muppets movie. For the scenic painting final exam each team of 5 people had 8 hours total to complete 3 4x6 flats. I was in charge of mixing paints, the letters on the left side flat, and the frog legs.