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"Syd Deines' dramatic scenic design is evocative and contributes to the fablelike vibe" 

"The scenic design, costuming and choreography all delight."

 -Matt Palm for the Orlando Sentinel

Creative Team

Director: Michael Wainstein

Music Director: Terry Thomas

Vocal Director: Richard Crawley

Choreographer: Jackson Lee

Scenic Designer: Syd Deines

Scenic Faculty Advisor: Bert Scott

Props Manager: Matthew Conte

Props Artisan: Sonya Smith-Tembe

Technical Director: Tramaine Berryhill

Assistant Technical Directors: Thomas Taylor and Adam Laws

Scenic Art Charge: Leslie Macmillan

Scenic Artists: Morgan Barkhurst, Sophia Debora, Syd Deines

Lighting Designer: Richard McWhorter

Projection Designer: Rob Siler

Costume Designer: Valeria Cole

Sound Designer: Lukas Royer

Stage Manager: Maggy Tronina

Photos provided by Syd Deines and Arts at UCF Staff Photographer, Mackenzie Lakely