Associate Scenic Designer

An actor stands on stage. His arms are outstretched above his head. The set, including the moon and window wall are visible behind him. Photographer Tony Firriolo
A wide angle photo of the set pre-show. Photographer Tony Firriolo
Theatre UCF's Production of Welcome to the Moon. Full stage image, the full cast stands on the stage for bows. The set prominently features two moons, one is suspended in the air, the other is a platform on the ground. There are two walls comprised of solely of window facades. Each window is a different size, shape, and color and is decorated differently. Photographer Syd Deines.

"This is a collection of six separate stories of people reaching out to find love, old and new, blending humor, poetry and truth into each story."

-From the Theatre UCF Website

This show took place in Theatre UCF's black box theatre. The production was dedicated to Mark Brotherton, who selected the play for himself to direct before his passing. Mark had a letter he sometime gave to graduating students, and as part of the dedication to him, alumni were recorded reading the letter to play during the course of the show. The whimsicality and magic of Mark's legacy was central to this production.

Wide angle photo. Two actors stand in the foreground, one of them is pointing offscreen.

Plan Packet

Welcome to the Moon Scenic Design Plan Packet.pdf

Doors were designed to be selectively transparent to create special ethereal scenes.

An actor exits through the doors. His back is turned towards the camera and he is silhouetted in the lights coming from behind the doors.
Full stage photo. An actor sits alone on a bench center stage.
Full stage photo. One actor sits on the stairs stage right and another actor is addressing him from center stage.
Three actors have a conversation with each other across a small bar.

We worked collaboratively with the lighting designer to install practical lights such as a lantern and streetlamp as well as ambient specials such an LED tape ambient glow around the moon and hanging "stars"

Creative Team

Directors: Joshian Morales, Peter Cortelli, Tara Kromer

Scenic Designer: Vandy Wood

Associate Scenic Designer: Syd Deines

Lighting Designer: Rob Siler

Assistant Lighting Designer: Richard McWhorter

Costume Designers: Dan Jones, Hannah Parsons, Zachary Cerino

Sound Designer and Composer: Casey Dieter

Assistant Sound Designer: Lucas Royer

Stage Manager: Ayana Yokie

Photos provided by Syd Deines and Tony Firriolo