Props Manager 

& Assistant Scenic Designer

"Follow Shrek, a grumpy green ogre, as his hermit life is turned upside down when a bunch of storybook characters - Pinocchio, the Gingerbread Man, the Three Little Pigs, and more - invade his swamp after being ordered there by the short-tempered and hilarious Lord Farquaad. To safeguard his swamp, Shrek offers to rescue Princess Fiona - who has been waiting her whole life for a prince to rescue her - for Farquaad. Shrek learns that he isn't the only one who feels like a misfit and discovers what true love is with the help of his devoted sidekick, a talking donkey."

-Marissa Tomeo for Broadway World Orlando

This production of Shrek the Musical took place during the second weekend of UCF Celebrates the Arts, an annual festival that takes place at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. The production was mounted in the Walt Disney Theatre, the Dr. Phillips center's largest venue which seats 2700.

My role in this production as Assistant Scenic Designer meant that I assisted with research and concept development tasks. As props manager, I organized a team of 4 props artisans and communicated with the puppetry class building the puppets. In total there were over 100 props in the show.

In Shrek the Musical there are a lot of fun trick props to be built. From left to right we have, a stick horse with a fake leg, a book to be ripped in half, and a deer whose antlers get thrown off. 

Creative Team

Director: Michael Wainstein

Music Director: Heather Langs

Choreographer: Mayme Paul

Scenic & Projections Designer: Tim Brown

Associate Scenic Designers: Vandy Wood & Bert Scott

Props Manager/Assistant Scenic Designer: Syd Deines

Props Artisans: Reme Elias, Jeanna Delviccio, Leslie Macmillan, & Justin Lalk

Lighting Designer: Rob Siler

Costume Designers: Huaixiang Tan, Hannah Parsons, & Zachary Cerino

Sound Designer: Casey Deiter

Stage Manager: Lauran Conran

Photos provided by Syd Deines and Arts at UCF Staff Photographers